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'Metaphysical Mechanic' Brenna Bavis has devoted a lifetime to developing her distinctive multidimensional style of energy work.  Calling on her extensive experience (tens of thousands of people have been in her hands) and her intuitive gifts, she has found that recurring blockages can be cleared by flowing light from Divine Source through the body leaving clients feeling lighter, centered and empowered. 

Her deeply rooted history in music as a performer and composer coupled with her mastery of energy infused bodywork has organically called her to become a Certified Sound Healer recognized by the Complimentary Medical Association.  

Photo by Craig Hollenback

Cary DeNigris is a master guitarist with over fifty years of experience as a professional musician.  His rich history with jazz musicians Chico Hamilton, Jack McDuff and Ronald Shannon Jackson earned him a spot in Scott Yanow's  book: The Great Jazz Guitarists-The Ultimate Guide.   With his  unparalleled improvisational and compositional skills, he has played on nearly every jazz festival stage in the world. 

His intuitive, improvisational meditations on classical guitar are the perfect pairing with Brenna's singing bowls.  With over two decades as musical partners, their love and respect for each other is heard and felt in every note.